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Crime Patrol 48 Hours 29th August 2023

Crime Patrol 48 Hours 29th August 2023

Crime Patrol: 48 Hours” is a segment of the Indian television series “Crime Patrol,” which focuses on real-life crime stories and incidents. The “48 Hours” segment typically dives deeper into the details of a specific crime case over a two-day period. Here’s a simplified overview:

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Main Concept:

“Crime Patrol” is a popular Indian crime anthology series that portrays real criminal cases, investigations, and legal proceedings. The “48 Hours” segment is a special feature where a particular crime case is explored in detail, providing an in-depth view of the events that occurred within a 48-hour timeframe.

Narration and Reenactments:

The show combines narration by the host and reenactments of the actual events to present the story to the viewers. It aims to create awareness about various criminal activities, safety precautions, and the efforts of law enforcement agencies.

Viewer Appeal:

“Crime Patrol” and its “48 Hours” segment have gained popularity for their realistic portrayal of crime cases and their aftermath. The show appeals to viewers interested in crime stories, criminal investigations, and the legal system.


“Crime Patrol: 48 Hours” is a segment of the Indian television series “Crime Patrol.” It presents detailed narratives of real-life crime cases, investigations, and legal processes that occurred within a 48-hour period. The show aims to raise awareness about crime and safety while offering insights into criminal incidents and their consequences.

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